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Friday, December 18, 2009

new HUMBLE PIE challenge!

oh boy, it's friday.
normally that's a good thing, right? well today it means we're down to the crunch, and i'm TOTALLY stressing. i have customers looking to get software BEFORE CHRISTMAS, which is highly unlikely at this point, and i have a million and three things to do this weekend (some urgent, some self-indulgent). mostly, i just want to lock the boys out of the house and tell them to GET STUFF DONE, so i can do some craftin'. :)

not hapnin'!

so i'll be back to the grind in a moment, but FIRST, we bring you another challenge over at Humble Pie!

we're taking a wee vacation, so this one will last until New Year's Eve... this time, we want to see your TAGS or BOOKMARKS! find the deets here!

i was pleased with this one, but the pictures somehow don't capture the fluffy stuff WHATSOEVER, so you'll have to take my word for it. fluffy glitter is scrummy!

can ya see it? well it may look like there's SOMETHING there, on the embossed piece at the bottom, but i don't think there's any hint of sparkle. SO disappointing. maybe i should ask Santa for a new camera. :)

so play with us HERE, and check out the other awesome creations from the Bakers! we've been busy little bees in the Humble Pie Kitchen! :)


  1. Yes! I can see some Glittering whihihi beautiful creation Leah!



  2. That's so cute!

    My next road trip I'll let you know and if it's anywhere near _____ (fill in your city) we can torment your neighbors/teachers/politicians together. Deal? ;)

  3. So ultra cute! I love the use of the letters like that and the snowman is delicious!

  4. Don't forget to breath a little Leah!!!

  5. Cute tag! the colors are devine! Great job.

  6. Fabulous tag, Leah!!! I love all of the texture.

    Making the boys do everything so that you can stamp is an awesome fantasy. tee hee

  7. This is so cute! I love how you used the big ric rac for the snow topper.

  8. Gorgeous tag, Leah! Lovin' it! :o)

    Chris xx


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