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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Design Dollies have a new Sketch Challenge! (check out the PRIZE!)

okay folks, the TRIFECTA is yours to play with, once again!
but seriously, what the heck is WRONG with me? i'm seeing some of these yummy challenges, and rummaging through my supplies, and i'm coming up with SCRAPBOOK ideas for these things. never woulda thunk it! NOT ME!

anyway... Kristy-Dollie has a brand new Sketch Challenge for you to sink your teeth into, and i, personally, had a TON of fun with this one.

here's the story... we were up in Canada visiting a while back, and i challenged BFF to a game of Othello (i remember playing it back in GRADE SCHOOL, when we, the "gifted" group, would be allowed to leave the classroom to do whatever the heck we wanted in the hobby room). i'm usually pretty consistent with beating him, and he's SUCH a good sport, but this particular game was rather RIDICULOUS. he's always the black pieces (LULLZ!), and i, being so pure of heart and mind, am white (HARDER LULLZ!)

see the results for yourself. and yep, this was a real game, and he really did try.

and a blurry shot, but one that shows the effect of the yummy SHIMMERZ i used on the paper (which was a bland beige and white before i attacked it!) - click it to enlarge for the full effect! :D

the crown just makes me laugh - and he TOTALLY approved when i emailed him the pics, admitting that this was a victory that needed to be shared with the entire blogosphere (or at least those crafty folks who follow my blog).

here's the sketch, should you wish to join us:

i rotated it 90 degrees to the left and had my fun, but what will YOU do with this? :) feel free to rotate or flip or substitute some of the shapes, but we need to "see" the sketch in your project.

COME ON OVER! we can't wait to see your take on this fabby little sketch, AND if you'd like to combine all three of this week's challenges for a chance at EACH of these prizes...




you have until this SUNDAY, December 20th at midnight EST to play with the Trifecta, OR you can do the sketch challenge by next Wednesday, December 23rd at midnight EST if you just want to try that one.

MONDAY, however, the Design Dollies have something a little DIFFERENT in store for you. stay tuned! :D


  1. I seen this on Design Dollies and was trying to figuire it out. It makes sense with the story. See us scrapbookers are rubbing off on you. Just like you have us all making more cards!

  2. Well, I scrolled down then scrolled up, stopped, scrolled down again and said YAY, another lo from the orange one! Super job, too. I love the story behind that funny funny photo.

  3. haha that is great. I love that pic and the crown does add a nice touch. lol

    I love that you read my blog. I might have to repost that I changed blogs again maybe. hmm..

  4. this is such a fun absolutly LOVE!! it !! great story behind the page!!! Hugs Juls

  5. That's a super duper cool layout Leah - just lovely and your embellishments are divine; especially the crown -- so cool! ;D


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