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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

oh, i have been a busy little bee...

busy getting things in order with our BRAND NEW DESIGN DOLLIES - the team's all set, including our FANTASTIC Guest Design Dollies for january, february and march! we're on fire! :D

and busy helping to keep things running smoothly at Humble Pie, where people are returning from vacation, preparing for their vacation, having giant sales, releasing new stamps, and just having a TON of fun! (check out the current challenge - it's a fun one!)

busy getting ready for the holidays, and a trip to Canada! i can't wait (i just hope we don't have to drive the whole 8 hours in snow!)...

and busy making my Christmas cards (and tossing in the odd challenge when i can)...

here's one for The Sweetest Thing - it's a sketch challenge, and i LOVE the sketch!

i have, oh, about 10 other cards to post, but they'll have to wait, as we're about to upload our entry for the jingle contest! YAY! fingers are crossed - that $500 would be a nice christmas gift!

check out the excitement over at Design Dollies if you're so inclined... there are some new Dollies for you to meet! :D


  1. Love the card! good luck in the contest!!

  2. Leah, so cute is this card; I love Mr. Snowman, of course but the pom pom thingy is soooo cute! It's such a special touch and brings out the card's uniqueness - great paper! You are busy, packing, designing and doing the Christmas card it! ;D

  3. That is such a cuuuuute card! It totally took my QUAGO away! ;)


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