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Friday, December 11, 2009


seriously?! i sent Boni a bunch of coconut M&Ms, and she sends me THIS, in return?

so much wonderful yumminess! the book you made for me is just BEAUTIFUL - i'm going to have to find a REALLY special use for it. i can't believe the effort and thought you put into it... for coconut M&Ms! (you must really like them, yeah?) and look at that little SCREENIE! he's too cute. little panda will fit perfectly into our asian-themed living room, where my computer is located!

you are SO sweet, miss. thank you VERY very much! so many things in here that are very ME... Santa had better be SUPER sweet to you this year, because you are just too good to be true. i also know where i can still get the M&Ms, if you're ever jonesin'.

MWAH! xo


Boni - i had TOTALLY forgotten about the blog win! well regardless, it's still far more stuff than i could have ever imagined, and you ROCK. xo


  1. Wow, you got the package quick! I'm so glad that you like everything!! It was fun putting it together and don't forget that part of that was a blog win you had - but I was trying to get everything done so I could send at one time LOL. The little panda is from one our vendors at work. ENJOY!!

  2. OMIGOSH!!! I just had my first shriek-out-loud belly laugh of the day!! Leah, you nutcase! Hehe!!

    I was just about to ask you for this lady's address. I'm sure I could manage to send her a Bounty bar or something. (Do you have them over there? Coconut wrapped in chocolate candy bars.)

    Was wondering what she'd send for two?


    Chris xx

    P.S. Just picked up your email re. Gilbert from my spam filter! Sorry for not replying.. I wasn't being rude, honest!

  3. Coconut M&M's? Never heard of them.

  4. Mmmm Yum Leah! Lots and lots of goodies; good for you! So lovely! ;D


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